Thank you for your interest in assisted breeding at Allegheny Equine Veterinary Service. Below is some information to help you plan for breeding your mare.

Breeding with Shipped/Cooled Semen

AEVS offers a breeding package for fresh or shipped/cooled semen of $600 per mare per heat cycle. All services listed below must be performed at our haul-in clinic to qualify for the contract rate. Services included in this package:

• Physical exams
• Vaginal exams
• Rectal palpations
• Reproductive ultrasounds
• Artificial insemination
• Administration of an ovulatory agent to ensure proper timing of ovulation to correspond with expected insemination.
• Administration of post-breeding ecbolics to ensure uterine clearance.

These services are provided for the above-stated fee for one heat cycle. We will continue to ultrasound the mare’s reproductive system until ovulation has occurred or it is determined another insemination is needed. If the mare is determined pregnant, this package will include additional pregnancy checks at 25-30 days and 45-50 days of pregnancy. Any follow-up/recheck ultrasounds recommended beyond 50 days of pregnancy are performed for an additional cost.

How to Prepare

Schedule a Pre-Breeding/Wellness Exam: We will examine the mare and discuss potential complications of breeding and her specific breeding plan. Please note: Proof of vaccination from a licensed veterinarian is required prior to arrival at AEVS. Please disclose any medical conditions that could affect the management of the mare before acceptance into this breeding program. If vaccination history from a licensed veterinarian cannot be provided, the mare will be vaccinated prior to breeding at an additional expense of the owner.

Genetic Testing: An American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) 5-panel genetic test is strongly recommended PRIOR to choosing the sire. This can be performed via a hair test. The owner should contact AQHA directly for a testing kit. Results may take several weeks to obtain.

Choose a Sire: It is your responsibility to choose a sire and complete all contracts and payment of stud fees prior to breeding. A copy of the contract must be provided for our records so that we may be familiar with any special requests or requirements of the contract (i.e., shipping limitations, breeding technique requirements, diagnostic requirements). Our office will handle all communications and arrangements for collection order and shipment directly with the stallion manager.

Early Season Breeding

If you desire to breed early in the season, manipulation of the environmental lighting will aid in bringing the mare in heat earlier in the season.

Artificial Lighting: Mares should be put under lights approximately 60-70 days prior to the desired breeding time. Therefore, in most cases lighting will need to be managed from late November or early December to stimulate follicular development and ovulation by early February. Timers should be placed on the lights to provide 16 hours of daylight and 8 hours of darkness using a minimum of a 200-watt incandescent light bulb in a 12ft x 12ft stall (resulting in 10-12 foot-candles of light).

Equilume Light: Alternatively, an Equilume light may be placed on the mare. This lighting device targets the wavelength required to influence the mare and is worn as a halter during turnout.

Reserve Your Spot!

To reserve your spot, complete the contract below and submit a stall deposit. Stalls are limited and will book quickly by April.

Monitor Your Mare for Estrus

Contact our office to schedule the arrival of your mare based on one of the options listed below:

Natural Cycle: You may monitor your mare for signs of estrus and present her to our hospital when she shows the first signs of heat or according to the calendar dates of expected heat. Note that many mares cycle irregularly in early Spring.

Timed Cycle: In many cases, we will choose to manipulate the cycle with hormones to more readily control the breeding and coordinate breeding with semen shipping. Please contact our office at least one week after your mare has been in heat to schedule medications prior to her arrival for breeding.


Please review our Mare Breeding Contract below for a comprehensive description of fees.

Sedation, medications, professional treatments, farrier fees, preventative care, and boarding are not included in the contract fee.

Mare Breeding Contract

Please complete the following form to finalize planning: Mare Breeding Contract

Contact Allegheny Equine Veterinary Service

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