Thank you for your interest in artificial insemination at Allegheny Veterinary Services. Below is some information to help you plan for breeding your cow or your herd.

What to Expect

• Artificial insemination is an excellent opportunity to improve herd genetics. However, it will not overcome poor management, poor nutrition, poor preventative care, and poor health. We recommend a pre-breeding vaccination protocol in any animals that we artificially inseminate.
• Conception rates with Artificial insemination: 50%-70% of a herd will conceive with single timed insemination, similar to conception rates with a bull over a single cycle. In many herds, a “clean-up” bull is still used to breed any remaining open cows within the following 2-3 cycles resulting in an overall conception goal of 95%.
• Synchronization Process – Successful artificial insemination requires the preparation of the herd. Both heifers and cows will require 3 trips through the chute over a 9-10 day period. The first two trips through the chute are for preparatory treatments and may be performed by AVS or the owner, depending on preference. The final trip through the chute is for artificial insemination which will be performed by our veterinarian. We are happy to perform all of the required preparatory treatments. If you prefer, we may also set you up with clear and specific directions for medication administration to help reduce fees associated with multiple farm calls. Please note, if we have not visited your farm within the prior year, a farm call is required by law prior to prescribing any medications.

Breeding with Frozen Semen

AVS offers a breeding package with frozen-thawed semen for $85 per heifer/cow per cycle (current 1/2021). This includes synchronization medications and artificial insemination. This DOES NOT INCLUDE other herd professional fees, farm calls, preventative healthcare (vaccinations/dewormers), or other medications and supplies. This does not include the cost of semen. The total cost per cow will differ depending on the semen cost and the amount of travel required. The breeding package fee ($85) must be paid at the time of scheduling. Additional fees (farm calls, herd professional services, etc) will be paid at the time of service.

How to prepare:

Schedule a Pre-Breeding/Herd Management Exam: If this all seems overwhelming, we recommend a site visit to your herd so that we can discuss your specific needs, production goals, and herd management.
Choose a Sire: It is your responsibility to choose a sire and complete all contracts and payment of stud fees prior to breeding.
Special Order Semen: Our hospital receives regular deliveries from Premier Select Sires. Semen may be ordered via this service and temporarily stored (at your own risk) at our hospital prior to breeding. Although our semen tank is checked regularly, we cannot guarantee the quality and viability of semen stored at our facility. Payment for semen orders should be made directly to Premier Select Sires. It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that a sire has been selected and semen will be available for the timed breeding. For semen ordering, please contact Jake Detterline at [email protected] or by calling (814) 386-0451. The beef semen catalog can be viewed HERE. Mr. Detterline is a great resource to help you choose an appropriate and economical sire.

In-Stock Semen

A limited number of straws (doses) of calving ease heifer selected Angus semen is stored at our hospital for purchase. This semen offers a high likelihood of heifer in the resulting pregnancy. However, this cannot be guaranteed. Please call for the current price.

Working Facilities

At this time, we are unable to offer haul-in to our hospital for this service. It is our plan to offer this in the near future. Please ensure that your working facility is in good order to reduce time during treatment and avoid extra herd hourly fees.

A rectal ultrasound is recommended at 25-30 days post artificial insemination to confirm pregnancy. This ultrasound is not included in the breeding package and additional fees will apply.

Schedule Bovine Artificial Insemination

To begin scheduling for bovine artificial insemination, please fill out the following form: Bovine Breeding Information

Once we receive this completed form, a technician will contact you to finalize scheduling.

Our hospital is located at 1605 Parsons Road, Old US 219 North of Elkins in Gilman, WV. For directions, click here. Ample parking and a pull-through driveway are available for large trailers. We look forward to seeing you soon. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call us at (304) 636-8363.