Navigating the Challenges of Lateral Luxating Patella in Horses

Horses, with their powerful and graceful bodies, are susceptible to a range of orthopedic issues. One such condition that can significantly impact their mobility and well-being is Lateral Luxating Patella. In this blog, we’ll explore the different causes of this condition – traumatic, congenital, and developmental – and the challenges they present, as well as […]

Emerging Threat: Understanding Coronaviral Enteritis in Horses

Horse owners and caretakers are all too familiar with the unique challenges that come with equine health. One such challenge that has gained attention in recent years is Coronaviral Enteritis, an emerging disease in horses. In this blog, we will explore this relatively uncommon yet concerning condition, delving into its origins, clinical signs, diagnosis, and […]

Navigating the Challenges of a 4th Metatarsal Fracture in Horses

As horse enthusiasts and caretakers, we know that our equine companions can occasionally face injuries that require careful attention and treatment. One such injury that can be particularly challenging is a 4th Metatarsal Fracture. In this blog, we’ll delve into this injury, exploring its different types, treatment options, and long-term prognosis. Understanding the 4th Metatarsal […]

Unraveling the Mystery of Suture Exostoses in Horses: Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment

As equestrians and caretakers of these majestic animals, we understand that horses can face a myriad of health issues. One such enigmatic condition that occasionally arises is Suture Exostoses, a mouthful of a term for a condition that affects the connections between the bone plates forming a horse’s face. In this blog, we’ll explore what […]

Understanding Cutaneous Habronema: The Battle Against “Summer Sores”

The warm embrace of summer often brings with it a range of outdoor activities and adventures for both humans and animals. However, for our equine companions, summer also heralds the arrival of a troublesome ailment known as Cutaneous Habronema, or more colloquially, “summer sores.” In this blog, we’ll dive into the world of Cutaneous Habronema, […]

Equine Assisted Breeding

Thank you for your interest in assisted breeding at Allegheny Equine Veterinary Service. Below is some information to help you plan for breeding your mare. Breeding with Shipped/Cooled Semen AEVS offers a breeding package for fresh or shipped/cooled semen of $600 per mare per heat cycle. All services listed below must be performed at our […]

Chemotherapy for Lymphoma Treatment

Chemotherapy Plan for Lymphoma Treatment in Canines & Felines Dogs treated with chemotherapy live significantly longer than untreated dogs, and chemotherapy is generally well tolerated in most dogs. Multi-agent protocols, such as the protocol listed below are the most successful, with a complete remission rate of > 80% and remission durations of 6-11 months. Mean […]

Canine Assisted Breeding

Thank you for your interest in assisted breeding at Allegheny Veterinary Services. We offer complete canine reproductive services at our animal hospital, ranging from pre-breeding exams through high-risk or planned cesarean sections. Our veterinarians support responsible breeding and therefore will promote genetic testing, and other health screenings such as OFA and PennHip to aid in […]

Bovine Artificial Insemination

Thank you for your interest in artificial insemination at Allegheny Veterinary Services. Below is some information to help you plan for breeding your cow or your herd. What to Expect • Artificial insemination is an excellent opportunity to improve herd genetics. However, it will not overcome poor management, poor nutrition, poor preventative care, and poor […]